Brazil's biggest bank will start using the Ripple blockchain network's xCurrent to process cross-border payments and remittances. As Ripple's global blockchain-secured interbank payment network, which is already dominant in Asia, continues to expand, A Singapore based remittance service and an Indian commercial bank will also begin using Ripple's xCurrent system.
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February 21, 2018

Ripple Extends Global Reach To Include Brazil’s Biggest Bank

Pack It In a Suitcase Ripple, the global blockchain-secured, cross-border interbank payment network, whose CEO…
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Alt-coinsPrice Analysis
February 20, 2018

Litecoin Momentum Fuels Powerful Litecoin Cash Launch

Kibosh? Not So Much You might think that someone with the unimpeachable bona fides of…
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The nascent recovery from a 6-week-long plunge in cryptocurrency markets is being led by Litecoin and fueled at least in part by a planned hard fork that has been denounced as a "scam' by Litecoin creator Charlie Lee. Since the low of Feb 6, Litecoin price has more than doubled in under 10 days.
Alt-coinsPrice Analysis
February 15, 2018

Litecoin Leading Crypto Recovery Amidst Fork Confusion

Fork or Scam? The nascent recovery from a 6-week-long plunge in cryptocurrency markets is being…
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How cool would it be to just swap one altcoin for another with anyone instantly with a single tap - no trusted intermediary required - that's the promise of decentralized trading and cross-chain atomic swaps. Judging from the buzz at TNABC Miami last month - this is now definitely a thing that will dominate the future of crypto-trading. We dive deeper by looking at the crypto-startups that made the Forbes Fintech 50 and zooming in on the exchange sector.
February 14, 2018

Crypto Exchange Of The Future

Could It Really Be That Easy? It may seem like an implausible fantasy - imagine…
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Dash’s unique strategy and structure may make it the most undervalued cryptocurrency in the micro-payment sector. In an impressive talk at The 2018 North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Ryan Taylor highlighted the network’s laser-focus on ease-of-use, adoption, and decentralized governance - giving it a edge over the other micro-cryptos and positioning Dash to come after VISA and PayPal.
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January 24, 2018

Dash CEO Ryan Taylor: Laser-Focused and Gunning For VISA and PayPal – Best of TNABC Miami 2018

Laser-Focused, & Coming For VISA & PayPal Dash’s unique strategy and structure may make it…
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Bitcoin will have to be way cheaper than $20 per transaction and way faster than 7 transactions per second to buy me a coffee at Starbucks. Here's a simple strategy - invest in the first micro-cryptocurrency that quickly, efficiently, & cheaply buys your first coffee. Meticulous research unrivaled in depth that you won't find anywhere else - our live video trading analytics compare, side-by-side, the technical and fundamental parameters of all the crypto-contenders shooting for that coveted first mochaccino.
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January 12, 2018

The Race Is On – Which Cryptocurrency Will Buy My First Mochaccino?

Live Video Fundamental & Technical Analytics - The Micro-Crypto Sector Bitcoin will have to be…
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