Brazil's biggest bank will start using the Ripple blockchain network's xCurrent to process cross-border payments and remittances. As Ripple's global blockchain-secured interbank payment network, which is already dominant in Asia, continues to expand, A Singapore based remittance service and an Indian commercial bank will also begin using Ripple's xCurrent system.
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February 21, 2018

Ripple Extends Global Reach To Include Brazil’s Biggest Bank

Pack It In a Suitcase Ripple, the global blockchain-secured, cross-border interbank payment network, whose CEO…
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Crypto gets a boost after Ellen Degeneres compares bitcoin to a baby goat and a feel-good Senate hearing with SEC and CFTC chairs agrees that crypto's not going away. Legendary investor Charlie Munger, not one disposed to sugar-coating, calls it "disgusting, detestable, noxious poison" and Vitalik warns investors that crypto could go to near-zero at any time.
CryptocurrencyNews Analysis
February 19, 2018

Senators, Gurus, Regulators, Vitalik, and Ellen Weigh In On Crypto

Ellen's Baby Goat Rally? Cryptocurrency has been on a 2-week tear since the lows of…
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They just don't get it - instead of trying to understand crypto and educate the public, the mainstream media just ends up confusing you and scaring you away. From obtuse mischaracterizations of the word "hack" to absurd howlers like "you may have to pay taxes on any profits" - DUH!, here are just a few of the ways the media turns cryptocurrency into a house of horrors.
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February 18, 2018

How The Mainstream Media Scares You Away From Crypto

House of Horrors They just don't get it  - instead of trying to understand crypto…
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Dash’s unique strategy and structure may make it the most undervalued cryptocurrency in the micro-payment sector. In an impressive talk at The 2018 North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Ryan Taylor highlighted the network’s laser-focus on ease-of-use, adoption, and decentralized governance - giving it a edge over the other micro-cryptos and positioning Dash to come after VISA and PayPal.
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January 24, 2018

Dash CEO Ryan Taylor: Laser-Focused and Gunning For VISA and PayPal – Best of TNABC Miami 2018

Laser-Focused, & Coming For VISA & PayPal Dash’s unique strategy and structure may make it…
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Predators will always capture, distort, and gangster any central medium of exchange, says Dr. Patrick Byrne, Overstock CEO - which is why blockchain has the potential to defeat global poverty and terrorism. Byrne set an audacious goal of lifting 5 billion people out of poverty in 5 years, and he inspired the crowd at TNABC to join him with the story of a lone peruvian economist who brought down the powerful home-grown terrorist group Shining Path - not with guns and bombs - but with a public ledger that liberated the people from their economic chains, thus demonstrating the astonishing potential of blockchain to defeat global poverty & terrorism. We distill the salient points of the best talks at The North American Bitcoin Conference - Miami 2018 in our ongoing video series
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January 23, 2018

Can Blockchain Defeat Global Poverty And Terrorism? – Best of TNABC Miami 2018

Lifting 5 Billion Out Of Poverty Predators will always capture, distort, and gangster any central…
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