Regulators in DC, in trying to shoehorn this creative new method of raising capital into current US securities laws, are effectively putting the kibosh on two of the most valuable, innovative, and appealing features of ICOs: giving investors a vested interest in the project’s blockchain ecosystem and allowing them to benefit from speculation on the value of the tokens.
ICOsNews Analysis
March 19, 2018

ICOs Aren’t Going Away – But Will They Go Overseas?

Regulators in DC are stifling innovation by shoehorning this creative new method of raising capital…
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Rep. Sherman trots out all the usual suspects - criminals, money launderers, terrorists - to avoid the hard facts: money laundering wasn't invented by hoodie'd crypto-hackers but it's a lot easier to pin it on crypto than to get a handle on the $800 billion to $2 trillion U.S. dollars in fiat currency laundered globally every year.
ICOsNews Analysis
March 16, 2018

Crypto-Crock? CA Rep’s Harangue Deconstructed

Hackneyed Cliches and Demagoguery  The Committee on Financial Services meeting did not begin well.  Rep. Brad…
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