Company: AB-Chain
Industry: Advertising Network
Website: https://tokensale.ab-chain.com/
Whitepaper https://tokensale.ab-chain.com/storage/whitepapers/AB-CHAIN_whitepaper_EN.pdf
Headquarters: Russia
Token: RTB
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe:  
Token Supply: 100,000,000 RTB (70% Crowdsale)
 Score:  60/100


AB-CHAIN will provide companies running their ICO as well as those that already raised funds through ICO, and other businesses with cryptocurrency budgets with an advertising network.  There they are able to buy online ad using cryptocurrency (RTB token), virtually eliminating the need to convert it into fiat.  We will be able to satisfy the demand for any purchase amount of advertisement by: our own traffic and direct agreements with website publishers, direct connection of third-party ad networks to the platform AB-CHAIN, linking-up traditional publishers to our platform that will allow them to add bitcoin as a payment method.


PROS:  Platform is in-large part complete and is in a usable format as of today, takes advantage of favorable ICO trends from dozens nearly a year ago to thousands within the last year (explosive growth profile), a well rounded management team and Advisory Board with established track record of ICO advisory services and reviews (advisor from ICO Bench), ICO is already at 30% of softcap with 39 days remaining at the time of this review (gaining positive traction), likelihood that ICO will hit softcap is “fair”.


CONS: Success of project long-term will be highly dependent upon industry trends and whether the ICO marketplace can maintain its feverish pitch, regulatory risks may slow ICO as a funding mechanism from the record-breaking year of 2017 (Projects launching ICOs are AB-Chains primary customer base, to the extent this becomes more difficult, AB-Chain will be adversely affected regardless of the value proposition of their advertising solution).


SCORE:  60/100