Company: Advanced Browser Token
Industry: Web Services
Headquarters: Gibraltar
Token: ABT
Platform: Ethereum
ICOTimeframe: January 2018 (Start of ICO)
Token Supply: 250,000,000


Abt is a web services company that will offer secured web browsing and the ability to display and manage navigation in groups of web objects, all simultaneously active and visible.  Each object operates as an independent browsing zone and all form a dynamic personalized board. Users may instantly navigate between Boards, save and share them through social networks.  Abt’s domain name system decentralized web service allows domain name providers and holders the flexibility to manage those domains directly on blockchain and not through the provider servers. Abt will also allow decentralized automatic payment subscription with ABT tokens, allowing users to set monthly subscription payments for web services with ABT.


PROS: Abt has a highly competent management team with experience in marketing, web services, blockchain and international business, increased importance of data protection and privacy in today’s digital age,


CONS: Abt services will be paid for in ABT tokens, which have a real cost, whereas today’s most prevalent web browsers are “free” (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc), despite value proposition, may be difficult to convince the majority of online users to migrate to a “pay-to-play platform”, highly competitive landscape with the top five browsers accounting for more than 83% of the market share,


SCORE: 67/100