Company: Appcoin
Industry: Mobile Gaming
Headquarters: Singapore
Token: APPC
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 11/06/17 – 11/20/17 (Presale), Q4 2017
Token Supply: 90,000,000 APPC (Presale), 90,000,000 (ICO)

Appcoin aims to disrupt the currently centralized app economy through launching a blockchain based open protocol for App Stores, namely Aptoid, which supports 200 million users worldwide.  However, app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple Store are by far the most widely used mobile app stores throughout the world.  The significant market share as trusted sources for purchases related to mobile applications affords companies like Google to charge nearly a 30% fee for distributing a file and/or application to an end-user.

Charging such a significant fee for distribution is only supported by the fact that Google Play and Apple stores garner the vast majority of the mobile app store market share, for what amounts to a commoditized service.  Through decentralization, Appcoin proposes to move to the blockchain three of the most critical flows of app stores: advertising, in-app purchases and developer’s approval. Appcoin seeks to lend credibility to app stores outside of Google and Apple through making app approvals universal as well as the development of a blockchain supported, auditable developer reputation system.


PROS:  Launched through Aptoid, which already has 200 million subscribers, ability to disrupt what amounts to a monopolized pricing model within the app store marketplace, monetarily incentivizes developers to distribute via Aptoid, experienced management team and advisory board


CONS:  Google Play and Apple Stores garner the vast majority of market share and are by far the most trusted sources when it comes to consumers making app purchases, sure to face significant resistance from industry forces, merely seeks to improve on an existing model but does not offer much “new”, significant pre-sale coin discount of 30% might encourage large speculative “pump & dump” dynamic once APPC is listed.


SCORE:  66/100