Company: Melbard, LLC (BeefCoin Project)
Industry: Agriculture
Headquarters: Russia
Token: BEEF
Platform: Ethereum & Waves
ICO Timeframe: 01/01/18 – 03/31/18
Token Supply: 4,000,000 (50% Crowdsale)
 Score:  53/100 


The BeefCoin project is composed of an already existing profitable business model in the green economy and includes integrated structure for production of organic beef from farm to table.  Funds raised through the issuance of BEEF tokens will be used to finance the expansion of existing operations as well as to expand the Company’s farm-to-table offerings.  In addition to organic farming, the Company operates a number of restaurants and a butcher shop in Moscow, currently representing the end destination for the majority of the Company’s offerings.

Specifically, the token sale is intended to raise funds for opening six new restaurants in Moscow under the brand “Meat Desire” – plus expansion of their agricultural farm in the Penza region of Russia. Included in this expansion will be a brewery, cheese factory, delicatessen shop and an increase of dairy product offerings.


PROS:  Based on real, existing profitable businesses (ie. farming, livestock, butcher shops & restaurants), 10% annual coupon and share repurchase program make Beefcoin a relatively stable investment with strong potential for upside through the BeefGold bonus token.


CONS:  Primarily using token-sale to act as a capital raising event for a project that lives outside the “blockchain”, primarily capex and not tech, traditional investment return and coupon payments may not be attractive to crypto-investors used to higher volatility and bigger returns, “old-world” management team.


SCORE:  53/100