Company: BUILDCoin
Industry: Construction Services
Headquarters: United States
Token: B1x
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 01/03/18
Token Supply: 400,000,000 (75% Crowdsale)



BUILDCoin is the world’s first and only digital currency built specifically for the construction industry, backed by legally binding construction contracts.  BUILD1x is a Mobile Dapp, built on the Ethereum blockchain, developed for the construction industry.  BUILD1x connects construction industry professionals and leverages digital currency, providing the ability to transfer money in real-time, and provides mobile tools to manage at the project level.  BUILD1x serves home builders, commercial builders, building supply and product manufacturers, contractors, sub-contractors, construction workers, architects, engineers, and companies that support the construction industry.  The combination of BUILDCoin, the B1x Fund, and the BUILD1x Mobile App will provide the real-time ability to source and financially manage construction projects far more efficiently. This total “Build” solution brings efficiency, transparency, and a new level of trust to construction professionals. Though BUILDCoin will eventually be an open market currency, the initial launch will be utilized in the BUILD1x Mobile App and through the B1x Fund.  The B1x Fund will be a zero interest rate fund source for new construction initiatives.


PROS:  Management team with a breadth of experience in the contracting industry (established pre-existing relationships with suppliers, contractors, vendors, etc, which will be crucial to the adoptability of BUILDCoin), will be positioned to take advantage of favorable building trends within the U.S. and abroad.


CONS:  No identified block-chain developer, contractors (particularly in the homebuilding and commercial spaces) are notoriously slow to adopt technological solutions / initiatives to solve pain point issues  (client base / users are not early adopters).


SCORE:  70/100