Company: Carblox
Industry: Automotive / Auto  Insurance
Headquarters: Germany
Token: CRX
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 01/10/17 – 02/09/18
Token Supply: 100,000,000 CRX (80% ICO & Pre-Sale)


Carblox aims to be the world’s first multi-platform blockchain project to serve the automotive industry by creating a digital environment that will control, store and certify vehicle data. If successful, this will result in a decentralized vehicle registry which ascertains all vehicle-related information to buy, sell or rent cars or car related services like insurance or repairs, in a transparent, trustworthy and secure way. The CRX token will be used in a number of ways including payment for use of the platform, vehicle registration and access to analytics as well as a reward for ecosystem members for entering information and supplying useful analytics.


PROS: Touches one of the largest industries in the world (Automotive, $1 trillion est.), provides targeted lead source for auto insurers, which will benefit customers and insurers alike, cuts down on bureaucratic red-tape of buying / selling an auto through use of smart contracts


CONS:  Lack of a strong advisory board, management team is relatively “thin”, has relevant tech experience but lacks depth in auto-industry expertise


SCORE:  58/100