Crypto Tickets (TKT)


What is Crypto Tickets (TKT)? empower the organizers as well as the official distributors or ticketing systems to control the ticket throughout its lifecycle.  Authorized users are able to regulate ticket sale, resale, and exchange while managing payments, fees, and commissions, from the initial release to redemption at event entry.

TKT Token

Release via the ICO is the key that unlocks all transactions in the system.  It is a utility token which contains a smart contract, giving organizers complete control over ticket sale, resale, and exchange as well as regulating payments and any commissions or feet at any point in the ticket lifecycle.

Tickets Wallet

After the purchase, the smart contract sends the crypto.ticket to a unique personal wallet in the Tickets Wallet App (IOS, Andriod).  When attending event shows the ticket’s QR-code in the App which is scanned and the entry system makes a record on the blockchain that the ticket is used

Start Date: 10/5/2017 19:00 UTC
End Date: 11/5/2017 19:00 UTC

Token Details

Price: 1 TKT = $0.04

1st Day = +20%
2nd Day = +20%
3rd Day = +10%
4th Day = +10%
5th Day = +5%
6th Day = +5%
7th Day = +5%

Token Distribution

Public Token Sale – 68.90%
TicketsCloud – 15.00%
Private Offer – 7.60%
Advisors – 3.50%
Growth Fund – 3.00% (Growth Fund will be distributed through Organizers and Resellers proportionally of their activity)
Bounty – 2.00%


2014 – Tickets Cloud LLC – venture seed 300K
(Developed: back-end, front-end, open distribution platform 1.0, ticket sales widget 1.0)

2015 – launched – 100 contracts / 50,000 tickets sold
(Developed: Deals and Analytics: deals, showroom, event admission control 1.0)

2016 – Tickets Cloud LLC – Venture Seed $600,000 – 300 contracts / 200,000 tickets sold
(Developed: CRM, UTM analytics, cloud box office 1.0, event admission control 2.0)

2017 – Tickets Cloud Venture Seed $700,000 – 400 contracts / 550,000 tickets sold
(Developed: multicurrency, Multilanguage, solution for theatres, ticket sales widget 2.0)

2017 August – September – Tickets Wallet MVP launched in App Store and Google Play – Launched prototype powered by Ethereum

2017 October – Crowdsale

2017 – Tickets Cloud UK Expansion starts Ticket Wallet development, development

2018 H1 – powered by EON
2018 H2– v.1 release, Decentralized ticket system release

2019 H1– v.2 release, Availability to place tickets in the secondary market
2019 H2 – v.3 release




Egor Egerev – CEO, Founder, Product Manager
Ilya Sergeenko – Co-Founder & Investment Director
Katerina Kirillova – Co-Founder, Strategy & Business Development, Executive MBA”
Dmitry Bakaev – Head of Analytics
Varia Vasilek – Head of Commercial Department
Yuliya Matveeva – Client Service Director
Vinokurova Elena – Project Manager
Alexey Saprin – Head of Sales


Alexander Zelenyak – CTO
Kirill Klenov – Backend
Vlad Kipiani – Tester
Evgeniya Sergeenko – CRM Backend.MSU
Ivan Vasisiev – Frontend
Evgeny Makhmudov – Backend
Vadim Sukharnikov – Backend
Della Bezelianskaya – Tester
Grigory Butovichev – Backend
Sergey Kudriavtsev – Project Manager
Valeriy Perfilyev – CRM Backend