Company: Cryptyk
Industry: Cyber Security
Headquarters: United States
Token: CTK
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 02/08/18 – 04/28/18 (PreSale & ICO)
Token Supply: 750,000,000 CTK (33% Crowdsale)
 Score:  68/100


Cryptyk is building the world’s first complete cyber-security and cloud storage solution from a single vendor.  Utilizing Hybrid Blockchain Technology, Cryptyk is the first security and storage solution that protects against all five major security threats to the cloud (external, internal, viral, operational and surveillance threats).  For the deployment of this decentralized technology, Cryptyk has created the Cryptyk Token (CTK) as the new digital currency to power an entirely independent cloud security and storage economy.  VAULT is Cryptyk’s decentralized cloud storage and file sharing platform.  SENTRY is Cryptyk’s blockchain auditing platform. This acts as an extra layer of decentralized security surrounding VAULT by controlling all user access and tracking file sharing and communications.  The addition of AI monitoring of the blockchain will yield a revolution in predictive technology to counter all internal security threats.


PROS: Management team has four-year vesting period for tokens distributed to them (33% of total issue), impressive list of strategic and advisory partners (IBM, Ambisafe), seasoned management team with both business and technology experience required to successfully deliver project, leverages the security of blockchain technology to address cyber security and hacking, which is as much of an issue for businesses and organizations as it has ever been.


CONS:  Offering deep discounts (35% for large block trades >$100,000), structure of presale, which requires >$25k to participate, may encourage “pump and dump” trading once tokens are listed on exchanges.


SCORE:  68/100