deepwater systems ico review
Company: Deepwater Systems
Industry: Deep-Water Exploration
Headquarters: Ecuador
Token: DWT
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 02/28/18 – 03/14/18 (ICO)
Token Supply: 700,000,000 DWT (96% Crowdsale)
 Score:  65/100


The project team has been developing DeepWater Syst.©, a unique large-scale information and measurement system to collect and interpret data patterns from the seabed.  The project has built on existing underwater scanning technology but enriched it with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and adapted it to create specialized gliders to collect data about sunken objects, natural formations, and other features of the seabed.  Gliders will conduct underwater scanning and supply information to the DeepWater Neural Network, which learns to recognize underwater patterns.  Each new expedition of the fleet of gliders would add more datasets to enhance the system’s Deep Learning process and increase the rate of recognition.  Deepwater plans to begin a systematic scanning of the seabed along the historical trade routes between the New and the Old World in the Caribbean Sea, in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This information will be available for sale on an online auction platform DeepWater Market.© to any interested registered user.  At this stage, the project will primarily use blockchain technology to securely store the data and ensure its integrity. Only the buyer will have access to the coordinates of the sold lot. Blockchain would guarantee that neither DeepWater team, nor anyone else can alter the data or re-sell it after the purchase is made.


PROS:  Novel idea with little to no competition within the ICO and or public / private sectors for that matter, more is known about the surface of the moon, from an exploratory standpoint, than the seabed (huge potential upside amongst multiple profit centers.


CONS:  Retaining rights to found shipwrecks or mineral rights for offshore drilling / mining can be an extremely difficult and costly process subject to government interference (potential risk that Deepwater may bear the cost and ultimately lose out on the upside), early in development (gliders have yet to be built / acquired), multiple team members failed to pass KYC report, lacks advisory board.


SCORE:  65/100