Eloplay (ELT) ICO


What is Eloplay?

Esports platform Eloplay.com allows players to organize and participate in tournaments with decentralized prize pools.  The Eloplay team has managed to develop and test a set of hypotheses and to bring the project to life in 18 months.

Eloplay is a community-driven startup.  Most ongoing tournaments are organized in cooperation with enthusiastic esports organizations of post-Soviet countries.  That keeps the Eloplay team connected with our audience.  And we’re determined to keep on that approach in the future when it comes to work with global esports organizations.

Eloplay Token allows its holders to:

  • Organize tournaments
    • Tokens used as rewards for esports Smart Tournaments
  • Place Ads
    • Brands can offer their goods and services to esports audience
  • Sell tokens on exchanges
    • Tokens will be listed on exchanges and can be sold immediately

Prospects and token demand

  • Exclusive Ownership
    • Limited amount of tokens will cause ownership competition
  • Entering New Markets
    • Project works in post-Soviet market.  Attracted funds will allow Eloplay to enter the gloval market.
  • Adding New Games
    • Each new game added to the platform will increase the audience by millions of new players
  • Advertisers Attraction
    • A growing number of brands are interested in eSport advertising

Start Date: 10/16/2017 12:00pm UTC
End Date: 11/15/2017 12:00pm UTC

Token Details

Token Supply: 480,000,000 ELT
Token Sale Minimum Target: $3,000,000
Token Sale Maximum Cap: $12,000,000

Currency Accepted: ETH
Token Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 10,000 ELT
Amount of tokens per one person: Unlimited
Max Transaction Amount: Unlimited
Minimum Transaction Amount: 0.1 ETH


Bonus 20% 15% 10% 5%
Time 1st Hour 1st Day 1st Week 2nd Week

Token Distribution

70% Token Sale
15% Team
5% Advisory Board
3% Bancor Protocol
3% Bounty Program
2% Wings Community
2% Long Term Bonus Fund


November 2015

  • The idea to create the platform for esports competition first appeared

April 2016

  • Launch of Russian version of alpha project phase
  • First test battles 1×1 CS:GO
  • Players are awarded with a Bitcoin

October 2016

  • Launch of Russian version of beta project phase
  • Fights and tournaments 1×1 CS:GO, League of Legends

January 2017

  • 10,000 Registrations on the platform

March 2017

  • Implementing of the subscription as monetization method

May 2017

  • Launch of group tournaments and implementing of tournament schemes Best of 3 and Best of 5

June 2017

  • Integration of Dota 3 and HearthStone on the platform
  • Integration of detailed players statistics and Elo Rating system to divide players according to their skills level

July 2017

  • 90,000 Registrations on the platform
  • 80,000 fights organized
  • 3,500 tournaments organized

August 2017

  • Launch of Russian version of Eloplay

October 2017

  • Start of Token Sale

November 2017

  • End of Token Sale
  • Launch of Chinese and Spanish version of Eloplay

December 2017

  • Launch of Korean and Japan version of Eloplay

January 2018

  • Integration of primary smart-tournaments on Eloplay
  • Expanding of CS:GO on Eloplay to the most important locations in the world (Europe, Western and East coast of USA, South America (Brazil), Australia, China, Hong Kong/Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Republic of South Africa, India).  Start of regular Eloplay smart-tournaments

February 2018

  • Launch of marketing campaigns on streams of the biggest world esports tournaments (with budgets of 100k+ per week)
  • Opening of the commentary studio and creation of Eloplay commentators team (multilingual: Russian, English, Chinese)
  • Office opening in Europe

March 2018

  • Development of the functionality for Eloplay teams

April 2018

  • Streaming section Eloplay

May 2018

  • Skill Based Token Distribution System
  • Rating system for teams and tournament ratings of players and teams

July 2018

  • Advertising module Eloplay

September 2018

  • Integration of new popular games on PC (Starcraft, Overwatch, WoT)

January 2019

  • Implementing the support of gaming consoles (Xbox, PS4). Start with 2 games

April 2019

  • System of winners forecasts
  • Integration of own Eloplay anti-cheat for CS:GO

July 2019

  • Integration of 2 new games for gaming consoles

August 2019

  • Integration of bets provided that licenses in definite countries will be received

September 2019

  • Creation of the system of contracts with teams and players transfer


Bitcoin Talk
Bitcoin Talk Bounty


Vitaly Balakhonov – CEO
Yuri Vysotskiy – CTO
Dmytro Salnikov – CIO, Founder


Nir Asaf – Marketing and Community
Vladymir Popov – Media Advisor
Sergey Mushta – Solidity and Fullstack Developer
Yaroslav Yakovenko – Fullstack Developer
Sergey Korzhikov – Fullstack Developer
Aleksandr Lezhenko – Senior Fullstack Developer
Pavel Zakhovalko – Fullstack Developer
Andrey Pashchenko – Frontend Developer
Victoria Moskalenko – Human Resources
Dmitriy Makushin – Frontend Developer
Oleksandr Sviridovskiy – Quality Assurance
Valeria Arsjuta – Legal Advisor
Elizabeth Izmailova – Project Manager


Danil Teslenko “Zeus” – Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player
Andrei Veressov – Legal Advisor
Norbert Radoki – Media Advisor
Ivo Georgiev – Advertising Advisor
Mate Tokay – Advisor
Esteban van Goor – Venture Capitalist

Token Sale Smart Contract Audit

Oleksii Matiiasevych – Smart contracts developer
Yaroslav Tumanov – Smart contracts developer
Alexey Shendrick – Smart contracts developer