Company: Etheal
Industry: Healthcare
Headquarters: Hungary
Token: HEAL
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: November 2017 (Pending Presale), December 2017 (ICO)
Token Supply: 100,000,000

The Etheal team’s goal is to enable patients who are travelling or who have limited personal contacts due to a busy lifestyle or remote location, to quickly access specialized treatment. The Etheal ecosystem combines blockchain technology and its own dedicated HEAL utility tokens to incentivize patients to review health professionals in an automated, smart contract driven system. Doctors and specialists can then easily maintain an online reputation by embedding these reviews, which are stored on the blockchain.  Ultimately, Etheal aims to take advantage of increasing trends in medical tourism as healthcare costs continue to rise, particularly in more developed countries throughout the world.  One of the primary concerns with medical tourism is trust related to the medical provider, international transaction and payment fees, as well as 20-35% commission fees paid to medical tourism agents for coordinating travel and medical care.  The HEAL token will act as the sole means of settling payment for services rendered through the platform, as well as act as a means to incentivize trusted sources to review medical services provided; creating a truly trustworthy reviewing system.


PROS:  Experienced management team with a working and financially sustainable business (, project addresses consumer needs and pain points in one of the world’s largest industries, intuitive system that will be user-friendly and easy to adopt as the foundation of Etheal will be built on existing blockchain and user interfaces


CONS:  Not wholly disruptive or revolutionary as far as blockchain projects go, merely seeks to improve upon existing systems, timing of ICO is sometime in November, although it is unclear as of when, roadmap has experienced short delays in the recent past


SCORE:  61/100