Company: eWaiter
Industry: Restaurant Service
Headquarters: Russia
Token: WTR
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 12/26/17 – 01/26/18
Token Supply: 175,000,000 WTR (56% Crowdsale)
 Score:  56/100


eWaiter is a global decentralized service that intends to automate customer service in restaurants and improve the quality of a customer’s dining experience.  Their proposed services will be designed to encourage a restaurant’s customers to care faster and easier (i.e.. encourage timely and accurate reputational reviews). The eWaiter project is based on the foundational components of blockchain technology, geolocation and QR-codes.  iOS and Android applications are currently in early development, as well as a web-based application, which will be compatible with all internet browsers.  The eWaiter service will help restaurants automate workflow and will be available in a user-friendly interface for all types of restaurants at minimum cost.  Service functionality will include a waiter call system, electronic menu, customer feedback service, marketing tools as well as back-end procurement and accounting systems.


PROS:  Fully established management team with experienced individuals in their respective arenas (development, marketing, legal, operations), real value proposition for both restaurants and their guests, ease-of-use via smartphone app.


CONS:  Token has no real utility value (value is monetization through exchange), project roadmap is vague, high-level milestones, unimpressive advisory board, no break-down of proposed use of proceeds from ICO.


SCORE:  56/100