Company: EZPos Holding
Industry: Marketing & Loyalty Platform
Website: https://ico.ezpos.io/
Whitepaper https://ico.ezpos.io/files/EZToken_White_Paper_en.pdf
Headquarters: Singapore
Token: EZT
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 01/08/2018 – 02/04/18
Token Supply: 50,000,000 EZT (20% Crowdsale)


EZPos is currently building a universal loyalty platform based on blockchain technology for the merchant community in South East Asia, allowing them to receive a secure, cost-effective and friction-less Point-of-Sales system to engage customers and grow their business’ revenue.  The loyalty platform will be based on EZPos’ universal utitlity EZ Token (“EZT”).  While the project is in early development, EZPos plans to issue the EZ token through ICO to further the project’s development needs and proof of concept, ultimately delivering a crypto-currency empowering customer loyalty service, an e-wallet (for securing, transferring and spending of digital assets, a customer loyalty app (a mobile app to replace the commonly used and inefficient customer loyalty card) and a marketplace web portal (for universal gift redemptions and customer marketing services).


PROS:  Existing Point of Sales Saas provider with 10,000 retailers, management team and advisors have a successful track record in the software /  technology startup space (particularly in South East Asia; EZPos’ target market), loyalty rewards programs has been identified as a key space that can leverage blockchain technology to truly reap benefits for all parties (consumers as well as retailers / service providers), detailed, though-out and realistic project road-map.


CONS:  Similar to many other marketing / loyalty rewards projects launched recently (PlusCoin, Appsolutely), highly competitive landscape, dependent upon partnerships with large brands, gigh acquisition cost / risk related to strategic relationships, lack of identified blockchain programmer amongst core management team members (may be outsourced).


SCORE:  46/100