Company: Gamex
Industry: Gaming
Whitepaper Not Available
Headquarters: United Kingdom
Token: GAMEX
Platform: Waves
ICO Timeframe: 01/09/18 – 02/18/18 (PreSale & ICO)
Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 (90% Crowdsale)
Score: 0/100


The Gamex ICO will be used to fund a number of projects that intend to address and serve the gaming community; the Marketplace, in-die Club and the GPU Mining Hub.  The Marketplace will allow GameX token holders to buy/sell and trade in-game items, key codes, game cards or even hardware with other gamers.  GameX in-die Club is an initiative that will help independent game developers crowdfund their projects.  The GameX GPU Mining Hub will allow token holders to earn passive income through mining.


PROS:  ICO’s in the gaming space (particularly addressing monetization of items within MMOs) have been relatively successful.


CONS:  Management team has decided to go by “nicknames” because they are “gamers”, very little information available on website concerning management team and no links to social media or LinkedIn Profiles, lacks a whitepaper, says the concept is outdated and claims all questions can be answered through Q&A.


SCORE: 0/100
Stay Away.  The lack of information concerning this project is a huge red flag.