Company: Hamster  Marketplace
Industry: Online Marketplace
Website: https://hmstr.io/
Whitepaper https://hmstr.io/whitepaper
Headquarters: United Kingdom
Token: HMT
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 12/10/17 – 01/18
Token Supply: 20,000,000 HMT (70% Crowdsale)
 Score:  62/100


Hamster Marketplace is a decentralized trading platform focused on the sale of niche electronics and unique gadgets from manufacturers, including DIY-manufacturers, startups and local projects.  The project’s goal is to will allow thousands of vendors around the world to get access to markets that they currently cannot afford and will provide access to the audience of early adopters and technology fans.  In turn, these customers will gain access to a unique range of one-of-a-kind products with no extra charges from intermediaries, which can range as high as 30% in today’s online marketplace.  Hamster will also guarantee the lowest price possible for a product through use of a parsing system.  Blockchain technology will be used to accurately manage vendor reputation analytics and defect tracking, which are highly susceptible to fraud in today’s online marketplace.


PROS:  Well rounded management team with relevant expertise, will act as an incubator for small businesses that have grown beyond the Kick-Starter phase (currently a highly underserved market).


CONS:  Very early in development, extremely competitive sector, will face competition from companies that already garner much of the global market share (Amazon, eBay), lack of a detailed use of proceeds, “high-level” project roadmap without detailed milestones.


SCORE:  62/100