Company: The Honor Foundation
Industry: Decentralized Cloud
Website: https://honordrive.network/
Whitepaper https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NmgEsMehP-5EySd6GmbiC3HGvZXkRV_Z/view
Headquarters: Finland
Token: HNR
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 10/01/17 – 02/25/17
Token Supply: 100,000,000 HNR (90% Crowdsale)
 Score:  48/100 


The Honor Foundation’s mission is to create a decentralized and censorship resistant cloud storage solution that has a fair economy and is easy for consumers to adapt. By removing unnecessary middle-men in the cloud storage industry, a trustless system arises so that a token market for hosting confidential data in an encrypted way is feasible and open to all that are willing and able. Honor intends to empower both small and large businesses to make the switch due to the competitive prices that are created by the token market. All users that have an internet connection and spare space can contribute and be incentivized to keep this system operating.  The over-centralization of sensitive data on cloud-storage services is aimed to be solved by Honor’s HonorDrive and the HonorOffice Core Suite.


PROS:  Addresses increasing concerns over security and privacy of data hosted on existing “cloud platforms”, relatively low “hardcap” will encourage efficient use of project funds, team is equipped with the right developers and tech know-how to deliver on the project.


CONS:  ICO has gained little traction (raised 10 of 6,000 Ether Hardcap), extremely young management team centered almost solely around development (no marketing, business, partnership experience), lack of advisory board.


SCORE:  48/100