Company: Imigize
Industry: Online Retail / Virtual Fitting Platform
Headquarters: Hong Kong
Token: IMGZ
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 01/15/18 – 06/08/18 (PreSale & ICO)
Token Supply: 350,600,000 IMGZ (77% Crowdsale)
 Score:  58/100


The Imigize Service Blockchain (ISB) ecosystem aims to unite all players from the production and online clothing and footwear trade field; Buyers, Online-retailers, Conventional stores, Suppliers, Distributors, Makers, Rating agencies, Affiliated program partners, Internet search engines, Finance institutions and State regulators.  The forming factor of the ecosystem is Imigize Service.  This service includes a patented technology of 3D measurements of the inner volumes of footwear and clothing and the possibility to create 3D anthropometric models of end -buyers by iOS/Android App on a mobile device.  The Service makes the term “size” irrelevant to online shopping, allowing customers conveniently and easily to buy shoes and clothing online based on their digital anthropometric data. Imigize Service Blockchain aims to build one single information field between all participants of the ecosystem, removes the boundaries for online trade in footwear and clothing, boosts the trade and stimulates the production of comfortable shoes and clothes models.


PROS: Already has a partnership with (significant global partner in online retailing), project is being launched by a company that has been in existence for over two years, established management team with relevant experience in the industry, positioned to take advantage of continuously favorable growth trends within the online shopping marketplace.


CONS: Relatively long crowdsale (almost 5 months) may indicate company believes there will be difficulties in achieving funding, long lead-time before token distribution and listing on exchanges (liquidity concern in the short-term), information regarding advisory board is currently sparse (“coming soon”), a number of the management team bio’s contain broken links to LinkedIn.


SCORE: 58/100