joy token ico review
Company: Joy Gaming
Industry: Online Gambling
Headquarters: Belize
Token: JOY
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 12/01/18 – 04/19/18 (PreSale & ICO)
Token Supply: 70,000,000 JOY (50% Crowdsale)
 Score:  64/100


Joy Gaming’s technology offers a solution to connect small developers, software houses, large casinos and players. It creates a gaming ecosystem that both empowers players and helps developers and casinos reduce risk.  Joy Gaming’s solution is blockchain-based and allows developers to create games that are run on its backend through a smart contract, rather than directly on the blockchain.  As all the results are recorded within the blockchain, there is significantly lower fraud. Thus players can verify that developers are running games exactly as described on the blockchain.  Furthermore, game developers and software houses can connect and integrate with liquidity providers, such as casinos, to provide access directly to their games. Both the casinos and the developers benefit from the additional revenue and increased game innovation. The lack of reputation of any specific site can be offset by the fact that rules and underlying infrastructure of the games are recorded on the blockchain (in addition to the approval system before games are allowed to go live on the Joy Gaming network).


PROS:  Fully-baked management team with all key positions filled, in-house developers for blockchain and mobile programming, Joy Gaming’s platform will ease backend blockchain integration so independent game developers can focus on game development, addresses ease of delivery for developer products to market, online casino gaming is currently rife with concerns over fraud and payout delays / errors which Joy Token will address.


CONS:  Not the most novel idea, a number of ICOs in the online gaming / gambling space and hosted on the blockchain deliver similar solutions through their projects (little differentiation), deep discounts being offered for presale and early ICO phase investors may contribute to volatility once tokens begin trading on exchanges.


SCORE:  64/100