Company: kevin.
Industry: Financial Services / Payments
Headquarters: Lituania
Token: KVT
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 10/17/2017 to 12/22/2017
Token Supply: 250,000,000 KVT

kevin. is an online and mobile banking app service, that allows its users to easily link and manage different crypto accounts and traditional fiat bank accounts, including accounts at unrelated financial institutions.  kevin. aspires to act as a dashboard and hub for all of its users’ financial information and needs; from forex trading to transferring funds, budgeting, requesting payments from friends and business and ultimately as a payment gateway to further promote the use of and acceptance of cryptocurrency by traditional merchants.

Ultimately, the noble, although lofty stated goal of kevin. is to open a network of 2,100 ATM machines throughout Europe and provide its card users with a little to no-fee structure platform for all of their financial needs, minimizing or eliminating the transaction fees and limitations that are so commonplace in today’s banking world.  kevin. unabashedly proclaims its desire to take on traditional banks and financial institutions, eliminating them through the use of blockchain technology.  In turn, kevin. will certainly face ever-increasing resistance from financial institutions and their host nations, should that goal come within sight.   Given that kevin.’s app for mobile devices has already been developed, and the management team in place is competent and experienced in the industry, I foresee little risk in the company delivering on further development and roll-out of their product suite.  However, long-term prospects for kevin. remain extremely risky do to the fact that they will be facing the headwinds of traditional banks that are already exploring avenues of investment in the crypto-space and will seek to protect their existing lucrative fee structures from encroachment and disruption.


PROS:  Mobile app coding completed, service addresses consumer needs in bridging the crypto and fiat currency worlds for individuals, issuance of kevin. cards in the coming month, solid management team with relevant experience

CONS:  ATM network will require critical density to ultimately benefit and serve kevin. clients; this requires time and significant capital investment.  Regulatory issues and resistance from traditional financial institutions could be a major stumbling-block to long-term success and viability.


SCORE:  54/100