Company: Krios
Industry: Digital Marketing
Headquarters: Belize
Token: KRI
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 01/08/16 – 02/16/18 (ICO)
Token Supply: 650,000,000 KRI (77% Crowdsale)
 Score:  43/100


Krios will allow users to buy digital marketing services, but instead of working on one task independently, different specialists will work collaboratively in a team on the identified digital marketing campaign (influencers, bloggers, content creators, graphic designers, ad managers etc.).  To initiate a project, users will submit a brief, pick their team and manage them and the complete project all on one platform.  With Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Adwords and more all integrated into Krios’ platform, users will be able to effectively manage all of these campaigns, their team and pay them all in Krios tokens, avoiding issues with banks, transaction delays and international currency exchange fees.


PROS:  Identified blockchain developer, digital marketing space is relatively “hot”, addresses the pain points of tying together and integrating multiple digital platforms with disparate participants throughout the globe.


CONS:  Project in early development, Beta testing will not commence until post successful ICO, many, only 100,000,000 KRI sold to date (20% of ICO) with less than half the time remaining, details / further information regarding most members of the management team is nonexistent, does not seem to focus on blockchain technology, with the exception of crypto as a payment mechanism.


SCORE:  43/100