Company: Lucyd Technology
Industry: Tech Hardware & Software / Consumer Product
Headquarters: Singapore
Token: LCD
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 10/31/17 – 02/28/17
Token Supply: 100,000,000 LCD (50% ICO)
 Score:  56/100


Lucyd Technology’s mission is to make user-friendly smartglasses, and a blockchain-based augmented reality app ecosystem.  Lucyd Technology owns a portfolio of 13 unique, exclusively-licensed AR patents that will hopefully allow for the development of an interactive AR display that is lightweight, ergonomic, comfortable, has a wide field of view, auto-adjusts to lighting conditions, accommodates corrective lenses and appears like a normal pair of glasses.  Lucyd Lens will be an AR peripheral compatible with existing Android and iOS devices and apps, while also supporting Lucyd-native content. The goals of the token sale are to collect the funding needed to develop a pre-production prototype of Lucyd Lens, as well as to create the Lucyd Lab blockchain. Lucyd Lab will drive 3rd party native app development and user engagement for Lucyd Lens via automated LCD rewards. The LCD token is an opportunity to take a stake in the augmented reality movement.


PROS:  Portfolio of patented technologies, addresses augmented reality market which is forecasted to experience explosive growth in coming years, clear roadmap and use of funds from ICO, code partially completed.


CONS:  Lucyd retains 50% of total tokens, could result future downward price pressure depending on how they are issued, AR projects like Google Glasses have experienced significant design problems and low market adoption rates (novelty or way of the future?), hard to compete with AR projects backed by industry titans (see HOLO Lens), requires large marketing spend for user adoption.


SCORE:  56/100