Company: Modex
Industry: Smart Contract & Apps Marketplace
Headquarters: Gibraltar
Token: MDX
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 01/19/18 – Ongoing (PreSale)
Token Supply: 266,399,993 MDX (74% Crowdsale)
 Score:  70/100


Modex’s Smart Contract Marketplace and Platform will allow for easy, user-friendly access to blockchain technology — crypto-currencies and smart contracts alike.  While some smart contracts will be very technical and highly specialized, requiring entire businesses to be built around a single sophisticated contract, many others will not be. Modex’s smart contract marketplace will be the Smart Contract App store for developers to develop, deploy, manage, monitor, upload and sell their work, and for buyers to purchase and deploy them. The Modex Smart Contract Marketplace will support APIs for 3rd party apps to integrate with, so that smart contracts can easily be deployed through an ecosystem of apps that enable buyers to deploy smart contracts and solve real world problems.

PROS:  Project includes a very detailed timeline and milestones that have to occur for project to succeed as well as budget allocations through 2020 (extremely well thought out), Management team is complete including brand ambassador, identified in-house blockchain programmer.


CONS:  As an app-store, Modex will face extremely stiff competition from dominant industry platforms from Google and Apple that have a leg-up in customer acquisition through pre-loaded phone / mobile device sales, amount of marketing dollars required to win-over users will be steep,


SCORE:  70/100