Company: Octobase (Equity Offering)
Industry: Smart Contract / Wallet
Website: https://www.octobase.co/
Whitepaper Not Available
Headquarters: South Africa
Token: OEP
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: To Be Determined
Token Supply: To Be Determined
 Score:  0/100


Octobase is a blockchain company that unlocks value in the blockchain by making the technology accessible to everyone through a simple, secure interface which is navigable through perfectly integrated products in the Octobase Suite™. At the heart of Octobase lies Octobase Suite™, A product suite ecosystem which utilizes blockchain and smart contract technology, both on and off-chain, to create a meaningful fertile area for individuals and institutions to address real-world business challenges.


PROS:  Addressing the “ease of use” issues surrounding cryptocurrencies and smart contracts will ultimately be a key component in mass adoption.


CONS:  While a blockchain technology focused company, ‘tokens’ do not offer any utility value and rather mirror a security (this is an equity offering, not a typical ICO), the company is essentially offering an angel-investor equity offering with only providing very minimal information, typically this type of offer requires due diligence, in-house visits and at least conference calls, if the company is legitimate and showing favorable metrics, why are they not going through traditional established channels, lack of an advisory board and a “skeleton” management team.


SCORE:  0/100