Company: Oil and Gas Supply Chain
Industry: Oil & Gas
Website: http://oilsc.io/
Whitepaper http://oilsc.io/docs/OILSC-whitepaper-2017.pdf
Headquarters: Seychelles / London
Token: OILSC
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 01/10/18 – 02/21/18
Token Supply: 180,000,000 (72% Pre-Sale & ICO)
 Score: 65/100


The Oil and Gas Supply Chain token (“OILSC”) is designed to be the medium of transaction within a smart contract between oil and gas companies themselves and all the drill management and waste disposal service providers. The OILSC token is supported by a number of companies and organizations with years of experience in providing full service drilling waste management, solids control and complete ‘backyard’ solutions to required post drilling environmental protection regulations worldwide.  These companies and organizations are the base from which OILSC will be transacted.  The Oil & Gas Supply Chain platform is currently in its early stage development.


PROS:  Multiple blockchain developers already part of the management team, global partnerships with a number of oil and gas services providers, impressive development partnerships (Crashlytics, Ethereum, etc.), already signed agreements with oil and gas waste disposal companies.


CONS:  Signing contracts with large oil and gas companies and working up the supplychain will require time and significant investment, lack of advisory board.


SCORE:  65/100