Company: Peculium
Industry: Financial Services
Headquarters: Luxembourg
Token: PCL
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 12/17/17 – 01/24/18
Token Supply: 20,000,000,000 PCL (30% Pre-Sale & ICO)
 Score:  47/100


PECULIUM is a savings platform developed specifically to manage a cryptocurrency portfolio with the help of machine-learning and artificial intelligence based decision making. The Peculium team aims to conjoin their field-tested ‘financial advisor’ “AIΞVE” (Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Values, and Equilibrium) with Ethereum’s smart-contracts infrastructure into one transparent savings platform.  The platform will allow monitoring and management of a variety of crypto assets at all times and will also offer varying degrees of autonomy over the asset management, ranging from completely autonomous (suitable for users and investors), to highly customizable (more suitable for professional traders, larger corporations, and brokers providing customized plans for their clients).  AIΞVE is an automated machine-learning financial ‘advisor’ developed by Peculium designed to learn from the analysis of the massive amounts of historical data. AIΞVE can allegedly read news articles, books, novels and other literature in eight different languages and it can also collect and analyze enormous streams of information from financial markets, media, and networks relevant to cryptocurrency markets in real-time.   According to the Peculium team, the integration of the AML (Automated Machine Learning) AIΞVE in the decision-making should minimize the risks and greatly enhances the probability of favorable outcomes.


PROS:  As investing in cryptocurrency has become more and more popular, financial services to support that market will be in high demand (research, trading, portfolio management, etc.), advisory board with little experience in AI or crypto.


CONS:  All three primary Peculium services / offerings are still in early development; very little documentation exists on AIΞVE and their future financial product offerings are extremely vague and difficult to understand in the whitepaper.  Their website looks like it was put together a decade ago and is rife with errors, which is particularly concerning.


SCORE:  47/100