Company: PlusCoin
Industry: Online & Offline Marketing
Headquarters: Estonia
Token: PLC
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 09/10/17 – 12/31/17
Token Supply: 82,830,000,000 PLC  (40% ICO)


PlusCoin is a decentralized cashback service that acts as a cryptocurrency that will be launched under the DSPlus platform a lead-generation and mobile marketing application.  PlusCoin will be used as a reward for the conducted transactions, such as for making a purchase via DSPlus online store, claiming discounts and for participating in promotions.  DS Plus is already partnered with various international companies, including the likes of McDonald’s, Reebok, Burger King, KFC and many others. With PlusCoin, the company intends to leverage crypto and blockchain technologies to introduce better speed and higher cash back rewards for users.  Currently, many cashback offers are delayed by over a month from the date of purchase and often require a number of steps to be completed by the purchasing individual, PlusCoin intends to streamline that process.  PlusCoin initial rollout will be within the Russian Federation, followed by Asia.  PlusCoin has begin preliminary “partnership” discussions with Alibaba, although no formal agreement has been reached to date.


PROS:  Discernable rewards and benefit for PlusCoin/DSPlus users, experienced management team with a deep bench, clear plan of approach for rollout of project post-development, clear plan to scale business, partnership agreements already in place and the list is growing


CONS:  Traction of the ICO has seemed to slow down in recent weeks


SCORE:  66/100