Company: Project Districts
Industry: Platform (VR/3D Environment)
Headquarters: United Arab Emirates
Token: 3DC
Platform: Separate Blockchain
ICO Timeframe: 11/01/17 – 01/31/18
Token Supply: 200,000,000 3DC (75% ICO)


Districts is a 3D platform using the concept of virtual reality and incorporating blockchain technology but also happens to be the first ever to upgrade blockchain’s scripting system.  Project Districts aims to be a virtual reality city with astonishing graphics, where visitors will be deeply immersed in an ecosystem made by them.  In Districts, users can learn, relax, explore, do business or play games in the form of decentralized 3D applications. Getting in Districts is free.  Decentralized 3D applications can be anything and will be running and used in the Districts open world, whether it is a game, a store selling real or virtual goods, a school, or a house, decentralized 3D applications are easily created by anyone using the innovative development tool that is Districts visual studio.  3DCoin is District’s crypto currency that can be programmed to perform automated operations or contracts; programming is flexible and can be time, password, address based, or all at once.  It can be used to acquire land on which decentralized applications can be deployed.  3DCoin functionalities are multiple: Instant transactions for retail environment, coin-blending that improves anonymity of funds, and external address support allowing people to use keys from many cryptography methods, including keys from other crypto currencies, simplifying multiple account management.


PROS: Script is already developed, partnerships in place with leading VR companies (Oculus, SteamVR), significant interest (has already reached 50% of softcap), developers, management team and advisors have all locked-coins from 1 to 5 years (not a financial scam)


CONS:  Extremely ambitious project which will require significant marketing spend (risk of failure), competition from other ICO projects such as MarkSpace


SCORE:  63/100