Company: Rega Life
Industry: Insurance
Headquarters: Russia
Token: RST
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 11/15/17 – 12/25/17
Token Supply: 3,000,000 RST (50% ICO)


Rega Life wants to revolutionize the insurance market with Crowdsurance. It will be a type of insurance, but instead of being paid by some big corporation, the funds are gathered from people united in communities to help compensate for unexpected situation or a loss. They first want to focus on pet insurance and later expand their services onto devices, cars, properties and ultimately even healthcare.  Rega Life tokens are based on the Bancor protocol. The tokens act as a smart contract for an experts evaluation on the insurance related case.  Taking into the consideration that Rega Life may become the first platform to offer such service and the fact that insurance market is very active and big, we can safely assume that if the platform itself works, there are a lot of potential users / adopters.


PROS: Management team with significant fintech / insurance industry experience, insurance industry and fintech are poised to be the hottest markets to leverage blockchain technology, helps address pain-points in the insurance market related to broker fees and “redtape”


CONS: Will not address property, life and health insurance markets at first (rather the pet insurance industry), the outlook for the project, timeline, roadmap and milestones are highly dependent on successful capitalization of the SuperPool


SCORE: 69/100