sharpay logo
Company: Sharpay
Industry: Social Network
Headquarters: Belize
Token: SHRP
Platform: Ethereum (eventual migration to proprietary blockchain)
ICO Timeframe: 03/01/18 –  05/31/18 (ICO)
Token Supply: 4,000,000,000 SHRP (44% Crowdsale)
 Score:  68/100


The Sharpay is a share and multi-share button for sites with blockchain-based rewards for content promotion for users.  Multisharing is an opportunity to share content in several networks with one click.  Users receive rewards for the act of sharing or for the visits to the shared links (depending on site settings).  Ultimately, this means conversion growth for sites and comfortable sharing for users.  The Sharpay button is flexible and built to look like anything, for example, it can be designed differently on one page versus another with varying color and shape, it can also display logos of any and all connected social networks.  The main feature of the button is the code, which is activated when a person clicks on the button.  Currently, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Reddit, Telegram and Tumblr are already connected to the multisharing of the working version of the Sharpay button.  Users can also copy a direct unique link and share it themselves on forums, blogs and in comments.  Ultimately, sharing links and content using Sharpay will be rewarded with the SHRP token.


PROS:  ICO has gained significant traction, softcap reached within less than 5 days, detailed project roadmap for the coming two years, adoption of Sharpay tokens and token buyback program will have positive effect on token liquidity, well-rounded management team with a deep bench, all key personnel in place that are required for execution of project, multinational board of advisors with relevant industry experience.


CONS:  Deep discounts being offered in excess of 50% may yield short-term fundraising benefits, however, could result in extra downward pressure and volatility once coins become listed on exchanges.


SCORE:  68/100