skypay ico review
Company: SkyPay
Industry: Travel / Payment
Headquarters: United Kingdom
Token: SKYS
Platform: Scrypt POW
ICO Timeframe: 03/01/18 – 04/11/18 (PreSale & ICO)
Token Supply: 420,000,000 SKYS (45% Crowdsale)
 Score:  0/100


The Travel Industry is filled with pitfalls when it comes to purchases or exchanging money into a local currency. Credit and Debit card paying travelers are subject to multiple outrageous hidden transaction fees. Merchants, on the other hand, pay highly excessive fees to payment processors. SkyPay’s goal is to reduce these fees using the SKYS crypto currency, while tackling outdated practices within the travel industry’s payment processing sector.  To solve the above problems, SkyPay’s currency (SKYS) will serve as a holding mechanism to enable real-time currency exchange at the point of transaction.  By opening the SkyPay Bank, the blockchain powered private exchange and banking network will allow travelers to pay with their SkyPay Debit Card.


PROS:  Aims to address exorbitant travel and currency transaction fees that plague today’s travelers.


CONS:  ICO has gained very little traction and has only raised .021 BTC out of a goal of 3,000 BTC, significant financing risk and threat to successfully launching project, no members of the management team have the project listed in their profiles, links to some of the management team information are broken, a number of previous ICO have already been launched to address this very same issue.


SCORE:  0/100 (Highly Unlikey to Reach Softcap)