Spheris (SPRS) ICO


What is Spheris?

Spheris is an open-source decentralized application marketplace, with a standalone solution for payment processing.  Planned with a vision to eliminate 3rd party fees, Spheris platform aims to become the go-to place for developers.  With Ethereum’s blockchain technology, new possibilities open up to disrupt the status quo and shift the paradigm toward giving more to developers and consumers, without the involvement of large corporate entities.

In addition to providing a new distribution vector for developers, Spheris introduces customizable subscription options and validation for apps, a feature-extended crypto wallet solution, as well as optional decentralized storage solutions with other blockchain projects.

“We want to give developers and consumers a powerful tool: freedom!”

Spheris Components

Catalog – A database stored on Ethereum’s blockchain, maintains essential information such as registered developers, applications, subscriptions, and ratings.  Data is written and retrieved via Smart Contracts.  Catalog makes Ethereum simple and usable for everyone.

Browser – Spheris frontend UI/UX, the actual “App Store” graphical interface, available anywhere, fast and decentralized, open and easily distributable, user-friendly and simply beautiful.  Your single doorway to the world of amazing applications from top developers.

Manager – Highly diverse crypto wallet which is designed to work with the Spheris platform.  Since blockchains shouldn’t be complicated we built Manager from the ground-up with the goal to make it as simple and easy as possible for users.  Except being a highly user-friendly wallet – Manager provides easy subscription and app management, as well as support for wish lists and watch lists.  Notification system allows to configure and receive a variety of useful alerts.

Signal – Subscription validation component saving developer’s time and resources.  Insert Signal and your software will work only when the consumer paid for it.  No more serial keys and complicated validation mechanisms.  Signal and the blockchain immutable records are the only thing you will need in the quest of protecting your intellectual property.

Storage – As simple as it sounds, Storage will allow developers to upload their applications to multiple storage locations.  Popular centralized storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive will be supported, decentralized blockchain storage such as Storj and Sia will come next followed by multiple public IPFS blockchains and eventually Ethereum’s Swarm.

Start Date: 9/19/2017 12:00 UTC
End Date: 10/19/2017 12:00 UTC

Token Details

Token Supply: 2,000,000,000,000 SPRS
Token Supply for Crowdsale: 1,240,000,000,000 SPRS

Base Price: 1 ETH = 300,000 SPRS
Base Price: 1 BTC = 3,900,000 SPRS

Minimum Cap: 2525 ETH
Hard Cap: $3,000,000 USD


Contribution Bonus
5+ 0.375+ 30%
10+ 0.75+ 40%
25+ 1.875+ 50%
50+ 3.75+ 60%
100+ 7.5+ 70%


Token Distribution

How will SPRS tokens be allocated?

  • Crowsdale: 62%
  • LaunchPad Fund Reserves: 11% (locked for 12 month period)
  • Marketing and Promotion: 8%
  • Private Pre-Sale: 4%
  • Founders & Advisors: 15% (locked for a 12 month period)

What happens to unsold tokens?

Unsold tokens will be proportionally distributed among contributors at the end of the Crowdsale.

What will Spheris do with the funds collected from the Crowdsale?

  • 55% will go to development
  • 15% will go to LaunchPad Fund
  • 10% will go to reserves
  • 10% will go to marketing
  • 8% will go to operations
  • 2% will go to legal

*Note that this distribution is subject to change according to the amount of funds we will raise.


2018 Q1 – Spheris Catalog
Advanced architecture initial smart contracts code base

2018 Q2 – Spheris Signal Alpha
Subscription validation alpha component is ready for testing and integration by the registered phase-one developers.

2018 Q2 – Spheris Launchpad Program
The initiation of the LaunchPad, first phase developers will receive their grants to finance integration and begin testing their software with Spheris’s DAM components.

2018 Q3 – Spheris Manager Alpha
Spheris Manager alpha released, early adopters – both developers and consumers – will be able to experience the UI/UX of the wallet functionality together with fully graphical subscription management.

2018 Q4 – Spheris Signal
Subscription validation component is tested and we begin to add support for additional platforms.

2018 Q4 – Spheris Manager
Manager is tested and ready for production, wide distribution begins.  Manager is available to all of the developers and consumers.  Legacy storage is implemented.  Collaboration with large blockchain storage beings.

2018 Q4 – Spheris Browser
Marketplace is ready for production, listings, filtering, search and ranking algorithms in place.  Wide adoption phase begins.  First Developers conferences.

2019 Q1 – Spheris Storage Alpha
Initial Blockchain storage support is ready for alpha testing, registered phase one developers are notified.  Automatic storage payment using SPRS is ready for early testing.


Bitcoin Talk


David Shabun – Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Sergey Tsyba – Blockchain developer, Solidity hacker, and web guru
Vladimir Shabun – Mathematics student at Tel Aviv University, cryptography & algorithms enthusiast.
Italo Vignoli – Advisor
Desmond Marshall – Advisor
Anastasia Royer – Advisor
Michael Kapilkov – Advisor