Company: Squeezer
Industry: Software Development Platform
Website: https://squeezer.io/token-sale/
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Headquarters: Belize
Token: SQZR
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 02/20/18 – 3/31/18 (Presale & ICO)
Token Supply: 385,000,000 SQZR (80% Crowdsale)
 Score:  64/100


Squeezer brings microservices technology to the blockchain. This move fixes the scaling issues and adjusts the stack to fit within the blockchain flexibility. Squeezer is building “connectors” which make the blockchain friendlier to developers and provides instant access to the blockchain’s data assets.  Imagine that you want to save a list with employee descriptions to the blockchain and retrieve the data when required.  In the current technology ecosystem it is a basic implementation that is easy to achieve however storing and retrieving data from a blockchain is different from a typical database and requires a lot of extra steps to achieve the desired result. They will help developers do this quicker and without extra effort so that they can focus more on actual business processes.


PROS: Allows for easy integration / development of apps into the block-chain, takes advantage of the trend of many technologies migrating to the block-chain (currently and in the coming years), pay-as-you go model,


CONS:  Project is in early development, “connectors” will be developed post ICO (May 2018), product will not be brought to market for another year at minimum, low softcap ($300k) with high hardcap ($77mm), could lead to misuse of funds.


SCORE:  64/100