Company: StreamSpace
Industry: Entertainment / Streaming Video On Demand
Headquarters: United States
Token: SSH
Platform: Proprietary
ICO Timeframe: 01/15/18 – 02/27/18 (ICO)
Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 SSH (25% Crowdsale)
 Score:  65/100


StreamSpace incorporates cutting edge technologies like decentralized storage systems and blockchains, which the management team hopes will make it the most progressive streaming marketplace in the world.  Filmmakers set a price for their work and are paid immediately by consumers, disrupting the traditional industry model where large studios and content distributors act as the primary gateway between those two stakeholders.  Filmmakers will benefit from a decentralized storage system that will provide security from piracy, enhanced distribution including the ability to control prices and an immutable blockchain ledger that will provide instantaneous and transparent payment systems.  The value proposition for viewers will include unique content delivered directly from the filmmaker, personalized recommendations based on viewing history and settings as well as the ability to crowdsource films that they are interested in seeing being brought to life.


PROS:  Further disrupt major studios’ stranglehold on the promotion and distribution of documentaries and future films, provides cost savings and quicker time to market through targeting interested viewers rather than relying on costly mass media marketing campaigns, management team has experience in streaming content space as well as content generation.


CONS: Project roadmap is not well thought-out and is extremely high level, lacking measurable milestones, streaming media is a highly competitive marketplace in the blockchain / ICO market (Decent, Flik, Steem, Stream, LBRY, etc), management team lacks blockchain developer (may be outsourced), has yet to be in discussion with any exchanges (greatly limits liquidity).


SCORE: 65/100