Company: TechBench
Industry: Social Networking / Smart Contracts
Headquarters: Singapore
Token: TBCH
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 09/01/2017 – Ongoing (Pre-ICO)
Token Supply: 51,000,000 TBCH

TechBench is a hybrid of a social networking platform for IT professionals combined with a crowdfunding site, affords individual investors the ability to participate in funding projects that meet their investment profile. TechBench aims to connect programmers and IT professionals in collaborative efforts to complete projects with a smart contract component.  Furthermore, TechBench foresees its platform being used as a recruiting tool by traditional companies seeking experienced professionals.  Following the successful completion of an ICO, TechBench foresees launching its platform by the end of 2018.


PROS: Capitalizing on increased interest in crowdfunding approach to technological development projects, capitalizes on global economy and development of technology as a collaborative effort using smart contracts


CONS: Significant time, doubt as to whether TechBench will complete its ICO successfully by reaching its softcap, repackaging of a combination of “old ideas”; not particularly innovative when it comes to the implementation and disruptive power of blockchain technology, little to no coding / development has taken place to date, lack of relevant experience amongst small management team, no advisory board


SCORE: 40/100