Company: Ternio
Industry: Digital Advertising
Website: https://ternio.io/
Whitepaper https://ternio.docsend.com/view/4jji4v4
Headquarters: United States
Token: TERN
Platform: Stellar
ICO Timeframe: 04/02/18 – 05/01/18 (ICO)
Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 TERN (49% Crowdsale)
 Score:  43/100


Ternio is a blockchain based utility token which aims to transform and disrupt the $224 billion per year digital advertising market through a multifaceted approach.  Currently, incentives of stakeholders in the general ecosystem are not aligned, causing both advertisers and publishers to feel they are on the losing side of the deal. Ternio provides a verifiable and decentralized asset that empowers advertisers to verify spend through each intermediary and gives publishers the assurance and guarantee of being paid on delivery.  Ternio was built to complement the existing supply chain by bringing full transparency into the costs associated with each layer.  When enabled, Ternio is able to combine all of the information from the entire chain into a single ledger for each and every impression; payments, security and transparency.  The Ternio blockchain intends to streamline the process from the start of the supply chain all the way through to publisher payment.


PROS:  Favorable industry trends and growth profile within the digital advertising marketplace, Ternio promises to address fraud within the online advertising industry by allowing advertisers to show their ads to verified users as well as recognizing and minimizing the impact of bots, allows for instant transaction between advertisers and publishers (current industry average is net 60-90 days).


CONS:  Lean management team, team consists of a trio of “c-suite” executives with no supporting cast, project will most likely have to be outsourced or will not be completed without additional resources coming onboard, digital advertising space has become a bit crowded in the ICO market (see Knowledge, AdShares, BitClave), project is being launched by existing firm Ad3 Media which will be Ternio’s first customer, other Advertising companies may be hesitant to adopt a solution so closely tied to one of their direct competitors, lack of advisory board.


SCORE:  43/100