Company: Destiny Games
Industry: Gaming
Website: https://www.theabyss.com/
Whitepaper https://www.theabyss.com/static/docs/theabyss-onepager-en.pdf?20171208T130812
Headquarters: Russia
Token: ABYSS
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: January 2018 (Pre-Sale), February 2018 (ICO)
Token Supply: To Be Determined (60% Crowdsale)
 Score:  62/100


A gaming portal with a concentrated presence of MMO games in which a primary focus is placed on motivational programs for players as well as developers. ABYSS tokens are a priority internal mechanism for interaction on the platform (Protocol ERC20 on the Ethereum blockchain). Their gaming platform is to be offered for Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Mobile (iOS and Android) and the Web.  TheAbyss features a powerful, multilevel referral program whereby a user brought in by a developer provides the developer an  income (paid in ABYSS tokens) from all payments and achievements in any other game on the platform.  In turn, the player also profits from an analogous referral system built on a viral basis whereby players receive income (paid in ABYSS tokens) for bringing in friends, not just for their payments but also for the activity on the platform (achievements, creating content, subsequent referrals, etc.).  This system utilizes a principle of affiliate marketing: a maximal income is obtained by players and developers who are the first to bring in users to the platform. The system aims to more effectively invite and retain users than any other in the gaming sphere.


PROS:  Existing company with successful track record, highly experienced management team, not a unique idea, competition from similar crypto gaming ICOs.


CONS:  Pre-Sale was rescheduled, receiving payments within gaming is under review as perhaps being considered gambling, could encounter regulatory issues, highly dependent upon attracting talented independent developers.


SCORE:  62/100