tradeplayz ico review
Company: TradePlayz
Industry: Gaming / Mobile App
Headquarters: Russia
Token: TPZ
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 02/01/18 – 04/15/18 (ICO)
Token Supply: 100,000,000 TPZ (62% Crowdsale)
 Score:  42/100


The TradePlays team intends to create the world’s premiere fantasy cryptotrading game.  The principals behind the game are very simple – players compete versus other players (PVP; player vs. player) in a playoff tournament format, as opposed to player vs. environment, system, etc.   Users can play the game in any form they desire – from large tournaments with equally large winnings, to private bets between users with the ability to set custom rules.  The games are based on real-time quotations, so there is always a chance to earn with TradePlayz.  The TPZ token is issued by the project and is the official currency of the TradePlayz platform.


PROS:  App currently available on Google Play and App Store, well-rounded management team with all key positions being filled, provides an easy to use learning tool and gaming platform for those interested in investing in crypto but lack the funds and or know-how required to make the leap.


CONS:  Website claims that P2P wagers and prize payouts are “legal” because TradePlayz is a game of “skill”, this claim may not actually be true depending on the jurisdiction and countries such as the U.S. have signaled that wagers and payouts, even in areas such as online gaming tournaments, could potentially be viewed as “gambling”, regulatory risk, more than half of the management team lacks online an online presence (ie. LinkedIn, Twitter), deep discounts reaching 60% in earlier phases of the ICO may exert downward pressure on trading by early investors once tokens have been listed on exchange.


SCORE:  42/100