Company: Tri-Force
Industry: Gaming (Apps & Network)
Headquarters: United Kingdom
Token: FORCE
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 02/10/18 – 04/10/18 (PreSale & ICO)
Token Supply: 2,000,000,000 FORCE (75% Crowdsale)
 Score:  62/100


TriForce Tokens intend to become the industry standard on multiple gaming platforms offering player-to-player trading, anti-piracy and a unique first to market honorary system that rewards collaborative game play. The project’s technology will give developers new revenue models, lower player attrition rate, player behavioral analysis and create a new gaming experience for players where they can build a digital asset empire.  By bridging this known gap within the gaming industry – utilizing existing technologies as well as its own new releases – TriForce Tokens will create a better experience for every party involved. The outcome will be a happy end user and a more efficient, profitable and fair gaming industry for all.


PROS:  Addresses primary concern of player attrition rates within the online gaming industry by rendering gaming an “earning” endeavor for players and indie developers alike, impressive management team as well as team of advisors (both celebrity and industry) with relevant experience in the online gaming space and blockchain programming.


CONS:  There have been a slew of gaming ICOs that look to monetize gameplay and rewards through tokenization (not a new or novel idea), highly competitive space even within the crypto universe, tremendous gap between softcap and hardcap ($500k – $60mm) could lead to misallocation of funds should ICO be extremely popular.


SCORE:  62/100