vivid ico review
Company: Vivid
Industry: Financial Services / Mobile App / Augmented Reality
Headquarters: Singapore
Token: VIVID
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 03/09/18 – 04/09/18 (PreSale)
Token Supply: 140,000,000 VIVID (76% Crowdsale)


Vivid aims to create a software platform and business model that can allow for a scalable and sustainable feature set, which meets the needs of users. They want to use this platform to create long-term solutions that give users the insight and data that they need and when they need it in an innovative format.  The platform has been designed with high user growth in mind. Even with this high user growth, the platform is being designed to have consistency and uptime even during periods of high traffic. Besides that, their entire business model has been designed for long-term growth in a sustainable manner. For them to maintain consistency, they will rely on the ad-focused model that will allow them to generate enough cash flow to run operations.  The Vivid platform will be accessible via the VIVID ERC20 Ethereum utility token. One of the practical use cases for this token is the pro features access. Various features such as getting technical analysis access will be possible with this token. These features will include things such as ad-free augmented reality experience, exclusive sharable content and much more.


PROS:  A marrying of two extremely high growth segments, both the trading of cryptocurrencies as well as augmented reality, mobile platform development is underway, ICO has gained traction thus far and early access token sale was oversubscribed (5,000,000 VIVID).


CONS:  Management team and advisors yet to be verified through KYC report, project is still in early development.


SCORE:  55/100