votem ico review
Company: Votem
Industry: Mobile Application / Voting / ID Verification
Headquarters: United States
Token: VAST
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 02/27/18 – 03/29/18 (PreSale)
Token Supply: To Be Determined
 Score:  51/100


Votem enables citizens, organizations, and governments around the world to easily manage or participate in online voting with the highest possible level of verifiability, accessibility, security, and transparency.  Votem’s VAST Token and related Platform improves the efficacy of voting by ensuring the integrity of the voting process, the confidentiality of the voters’ choices, and validity of the results – for both private and public-sector elections.  Votem is an established company with existing products, revenue generating customers, and a proven track record (see 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Fan’s Vote).  The company has already successfully run multiple U.S. federal elections (2016 primary, general, and special elections) and tallied over 8,000,000 online votes using blockchain.   Their mobile voting platform, CastIron™, provides the application functionality for running elections. It combines advanced mobile capabilities and a private blockchain framework, with public sidechains for additional verification, using voter anonymizing technological schemas and mathematical proofs of verifiability, all enabled by VAST Tokens and built on top of “Proof of Vote®” End-to-End Verifiable (E2E-VIV) Voting Protocol which aims to provide irrefutable evidence of the result of a valid vote that was cast and tallied as intended and substantiated by user and third party validation for the benefit of both the voter and the elections administrative body and their interested parties.


PROS:  Given concerns around the integrity of the voting process both in the United States and throughout the world, blockchain is a compelling solution to the problem and will most likely gain increased favor in turbulent times, addresses a litany of hot-button issues including hacking concerns, voter registration fraud, verification, etc, oversubscribed seed-round investment in company, management team of individuals with significant real-world experience in the project’s arena.


CONS:  Voting on a mobile platform (ultimately Votem’s end goal) is most likely a long way from becoming accepted ‘whole sale’ in governmental arenas (also where most of the revenue opportunity / token desirability lies), total token creation is yet to be established.


SCORE:   51/100