Company: VOXXO
Industry: Music / Entertainment
Website: https://voxxo.io/
Whitepaper https://voxxo.io/voxxowhitepaper.pdf
Headquarters: Turkey
Token: VOXXO
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 11/01/17 – 03/05/18
Token Supply: 100,000,000 (75% Pre-Sale & ICO)
 Score:  44/100


VOXXO intends to offer a mobile app music player comparable to Pandora, combined with ability for its users to license music as well as invest and share in profits generated by VOXXO-backed concerts.  VOXXO aims to be the preferred cryptocurrency for music listeners and artists alike.  which gives power to VOXXO token holder community to define music value. In the future, VOXXO token holders will get profits from crowdfunding large-scale concerts combined with the ability to choose the performing acts through a token-weighted voting system.


PROS:  Low soft-cap, management team has relevant experience in the entertainment and digital media industries, mobile music app is currently in beta-testing.


CONS:  Roadmap milestones have an extremely long lead-time, will not be listed on exchanges until 2nd half of 2018 the earliest, will not implement blockchain based cloud platform until sometime in 2019, lack of advisory board, currently no programmers included on the project team.


SCORE:  44/100