Company: World Wifi
Industry: Communications / Wifi
Headquarters: Singapore
Token: WT
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Timeframe: 03/18/18 – 04/18/18 (ICO)
Token Supply: 600,000,000 WT (45% Crowdsale)
 Score:  62/100


The United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution that condemns any state blocking or restricting access to the Internet for its citizens. At the same time, a greater part of the world population of over 7,6 billion people still have no access to the Internet. In most cases, those who have it must pay for it.  World WiFi is a global decentralized free network that aims to provide internet access to all users across the socio-economic spectrum. The participants of the platform include ordinary users, router owners and advertisers. The users enjoy free internet, router owners are paid by advertisers for the ads viewed by the users; advertisers receive an effective tool for targeting of advertising and analytics of advertising campaign effectiveness.


PROS:  Adoption of wireless internet has followed extremely favorable trends globally driven by ubiquitous adoption of mobile devices (trends remain favorable as more and more devices allow for wifi connectivity and the market has yet to become saturated in less developed regions), WT tokens have real utility value (10 advertising impressions on the platform per token), impressive management team and group of advisors with blue-chip pedigree.


CONS:  40% of tokens are reserved for emission for future projects which are not specifically defined, roll-out of project on a regional basis will depend on token participation from that region, however, most funds will be flowing from developed countries with readily available wifi, the market opportunity is truly in the underdeveloped regions of the globe.


SCORE:  62/100