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Watching The Detectives: Privacy Coins and Protocols

By January 31, 2018 No Comments

Ingenious Crypto-Sleuthing  

Last week, with a single keystroke, a hacker pulled off the biggest heist in history by removing all the NEM coin held on the Coincheck exchange - more than half-a-billion dollars’ worth.

We analyze how the detectives at WizSec Security, who spent years investigating the MtGox hack -  at the time the largest crypto-hack in history - were able to follow the coin flow through the blockchain and eventually nab one of the MtGox perps.

Parsing the details of this ingenious crypto-sleuthing reveals a lot about the issue of blockchain privacy and how the competing coins in the crypto-privacy sector employ different protocols to manage it.  Massive value will almost certainly accrue to the coin that gets it right.


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